Friday, 20 February 2009

Calamity Victoria Jane

After surviving a series of bag thefts, moped accidents and a shooting in Bangkok shopping mall, we are all safe and well and enjoying the laidback vibe in Ko Lanta. I will soon be travelling alone again as Daisy and Kate leave for Ko Tao on the other side of Thailand. I am staying here to do my PADI dive course and hang out with the locals. I've been here 6 days and it's starting to feel like home. Last night I went to a guy called Weap's birthday party and met a load of local tuk tuk drivers to drink Thai moonshine with. On Friday I am off on a pilgrimage with a Swedish couple to see Job to Do in Phuket. He's Asia's biggest reggae act. Some things don't change - my life is still as calamitous as ever and I am still being a sad groupie trying to engratiate myself with unsuitable long-haired musos. I wouldn't change it for the world though, plus it's far more exciting out here in the sun.

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