Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's day on Phi Phi island

l'm with Daisy (my friend from innocent) and her friend Kate. We are staying at Phi Phi Hill, high in the hills of Long Beach. The turquoise water is so clear I can see the ocean floor, despite being almost 30 metres up in the hills. What an amazing view to wake up to each morning. Our home is a quaint wooden bungalow surrounded by lush gardens that are laced with delicately perfumed tropical pink and purple flowers. It's paradise.

Tomorrow we are going island-hopping where we will snorkel in what has been described as an aquarium. I'm so excited. First though, we are off to pamper ourselves before we enjoy a candle-lit seafood supper on the white sandy beach. How romantic - what a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's day.

Happy Valentine's.

Love Vic x

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